Ren Middleton

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Regional Sales Manager – ANZ

Ren Middleton started in TV Operations some 40 years ago learning every aspect of the industry from the ground up. He started in studio, audio, film/videotape, and presentation. Then, he focused on editing, directing through to producing, and leading large teams on countless projects and productions ultimately leading to an executive management position across operation, production, and traffic.

In 2005, Middleton jumped the fence into media technology sales management originally with Techtel then moving to vendor land with Avid through Ooyala to Dalet where he is currently regional sales manager – ANZ.

Middleton’s focus and strength is to help broadcasters, production facilities, and media organisations. In fact he focuses on anyone who produces or delivers media in any format, anyhow, and anywhere to increase efficiency, productivity, and make more money with revolutionary solutions.