Marc Segar

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NEP Broadcast Services Australia
Director, Technology

Marc Segar is director of technical services for NEP Australia, where he has worked for the last 18 years. He originally joined the team as a technical manager. With 29 years of experience in the industry, Segar is known for his exceptional engineering and systems design skills, as well as his talent for project management.

Segar’s passion for television was discovered early on, when at the tender age of five he was discovered by his father trying to remove the back of their television set to see how it worked. After receiving his degree in engineering, he began his career in London at Channel 4. Working as a trainee on the maintenance team, Segar quickly moved on to the projects team where he assisted in the design of the UK’s first fully digital television station. He then landed a job with Formula One, which led him to get to know the NEP Australia team, who eventually persuaded him to move across the globe from London to Sydney. Segar notes that one of the most interesting projects he’s worked on in his career was building the world’s first fully IP-based broadcast precincts (The Andrew Hubs) in Sydney and Melbourne, along with four new all IP trucks and a brand-new network to run it all on.